Geboren in Córdoba, Argentinien, lebte lange Zeit in Spanien und lebt nun in Deutschland. Er ist Schriftsteller, Autor von Romanen und Kurzgeschichten, Regisseur und Professor für Film. Seine Geschichten erscheinen regelmäßig in renommierten Zeitschriften, Anthologien und Literaturmagazinen in Spanien, Argentinien, Mexiko, Chile, Peru, Kanada, USA, Italien, Frankreich und Deutschland. Er studierte Bildende Kunst an der Kunsthochschule Emilio Caraffa in Cosquín, Córdoba, Argentinien.

Natural de Córdoba, Argentina, ha vivido en España y actualmente reside en Alemania. Es autor de relatos, novelista, director y profesor de cine. Sus cuentos aparecen habitualmente en prestigiosos periódicos, antologías y revistas literarias de España, Argentina, México, Chile, Perú, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Italia, Francia y Alemania. Ha cursado Bellas Artes en la Escuela de Artes Emilio Caraffa de Cosquín, Córdoba, Argentina.

Norberto Luis Romero is an Argentine, now a citizen of Spain presently living in Germany. He writes a wide range of fiction -from realistic to extreme fantasy. His stories have been published in Spain, Argentine, France, Italy, Canada and the United States. This is his first book-length collection to appear in English. He writes a wide range of fiction- from realistic to extreme fantasy.

Originario di Cordoba (Argentina), risiede in Spagna dal 1975. La sua opera letteraria, che comprende racconti e romanzi, ha ricevuto riconoscimenti per lo stile diretto e agile e per le sue sorprendenti tematiche, mai convenzionali e sempre molto coraggiose.


RESEÑA "El lado oculto de la noche" en de Minneapolis.

The Obscure Side of the Night

Norberto Luis Romero
Translated by H.E. Francis
Otis Books/Seismicity Editions ($12.95)

At only ninety-three pages, half of which are in the original Spanish, Norberto Luis Romero’s The Obscure Side of the Night packs a challenging amount of images in its brief, obscure narrative. Romero’s sparse plot accentuates its symbolic ambiguity; to enter these pages is to slip into a Kafkaesque nightmare where the bizarre and illogical rule. In this world, sadistically governed by the “fat man” and his manipulative “gloves,” the unnamed narrator stands outside of the action, preparing for a war without an enemy and a Great Fair in which the winner is already known. While the masses are subjugated by a religious devotion to the commodity—useless, colorful objects exchanged at the Fair—the elite succumb to their most base instincts, helpless in their desire for more power, sex, and wealth. It’s a nightmarish allegory for a fully commodified culture, where “giving is considered absurd” and bartering is filled with “beauty and mystery.” The Obscure Side of the Night’s strengths lay in its impactful brevity and haunting symbolism—here, readers will leave bewildered and hopefully, a little disturbed.

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